Tako van Popta Opposes Overreach in C-11

"Clearly, this legislation undermines Canadians' fundamental rights and freedoms and puts their civil liberties at risk. The passage of Bill C-11 would enable government censorship, empowering the Liberals to amplify voices it deems favorable and quiet those it does not."


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MP van Popta questions government relationship with McKinsey

"This week, Radio-Canada arrived at its own tally of federal contracts awarded to McKinsey since Mr. Trudeau’s government was first elected in 2015: While the firm earned a mere $2.2-million in federal government work when Stephen Harper’s Conservatives were in power between 2006 and 2015, it has pocketed more than $66-million in less than seven years under the Liberals.

And even that sum, Radio-Canada conceded, does not provide a complete picture, since it leaves out contracts awarded by Crown corporations such as the Business Development Bank of Canada and Export Development Canada. The government’s response to an order paper question submitted by Conservative MP Tako Van Popta included $84-million in federal payments to McKinsey in the 18 months up to November on various contracts. That total includes payments to BDC and EDC."


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Langley-Aldergove MP takes on new critic role in Parliament

MP Tako Van Popta has been named to the shadow cabinet of new Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre.


“This portfolio is of crucial importance in these economically unstable times, and I am happy to see specific attention being given to the strengths and issues unique to our Pacific Region,” Van Popta said in a statement on his appointment. “Our West Coast ports and transportation infrastructure, our natural resources and tourism industry, our technology and films industries, and of course our growing and diverse population are all going to be important in strengthening Canada’s economy.


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MPs urge people to speak up on controversial planned Pitt Meadows-Fort Langley riding

This summer, the proposed maps revealed that Langley-Aldergrove would expand to the east, representing much more of western Abbotsford.

The riding of Cloverdale-Langley City, represented by MP John Aldag, would also change its shape somewhat.

But the new proposed riding of Pitt Meadows-Fort Langley has attracted most of the attention.

It would include all of Langley north of Highway One, along with a chunk of northeastern Surrey, Barnston Island, parts of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, and a slice of Port Coquitlam.

It divides people who live and work and shop nearby one another in Langley, while lumping them in with people across the Fraser and Pitt Rivers, both MPs said.

“No one is happy with using the freeway as a dividing line,” Van Popta said. Read more here.

Queen's Platinum Jubilee Award goes to local worthy recipients

The awards were presented to people for their contributions and achievements to the community and country. The recipients include local politicians, members of Kwantlen First Nation who have been active in the community, longtime volunteers with various organizations, supporters of local health care, and representatives of the Langley Hospice Society and Langley Meals on Wheels.

“I was honoured to have the opportunity to give the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Award to very worthy recipients in our community,” said Langley MP Tako van Popta. Read more here.

At Your Service - MPs on whether 2 billion trees will be planted

"On partisan issues like this one, it’s best to go beyond political talking points to impartial, expert voices.

The Parliamentary Budget Office released an independent cost estimate for this plan in January 2022, and they approximate the total cost to be above $5 billion. Why the enormous disparity between theirs and the Liberals’ estimates?"

Read the full answers given by myself and MP John Aldag here.


The Boundaries Commission for BC will host meeting to discuss proposed border changes

The Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for B.C. has presented proposals for riding revisions, and they are proposing that the northern portion of our riding be altered to create a new riding, named Pitt Meadows—Fort Langley. You can see what these changes look like here:


The Commission is required to take public opinion into account, so each riding proposal will be discussed at a meeting within travelling distance of the riding it concerns.

The meeting to discuss the changes in our riding is scheduled for September 22, 2022, at the Coast Hotel & Convention Centre in Langley City. If you would like to offer your perspective at this meeting, register to attend by filling out a Public Hearing Notice form.

On Sunday, June 4, the annual free tree seedlings giveaway will return to Langley

“Together, we have given away thousands of native species of tree seedlings and shrubs to residents who in turn plant them to help keep Langley beautiful and our environment healthy” says Van Popta.

Expect a line-up!

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New riding of Pitt Meadows-Fort Langley a ‘dog’s breakfast’ says MP

Van Popta comments on federal riding re-distribution proposal.

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Langley-Aldergrove MP on list of politicians banned from Russia

Tako van Popta said his concern is the devastation being caused by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine

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