BC MP's shocked at government's betrayal

Since the devastating floods in 2021, British Columbians have been repeatedly let down by the Liberal government. With minimal support from Ottawa, the municipalities of Abbotsford, Merritt, and Princeton have struggled to recover and rebuild in advance of future floods. The Prime Minister assured them that his government ‘would have their back.’  

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Come pick up a free plant!

On June 1, come say hello and pick up a free plant!
Every year I host a giveaway - I started with tree seedlings, and now have moved to plants as the smaller size makes them a much more popular choice. Come grab a native plant and help preserve biodiversity right in your own yard!

Studying Antisemitism on Campuses

Lauder Fellow Claire Frankel and JDA Member Nati Pressmann spoke this week at a press conference about the antisemitism that Jewish students face on Canadian campuses. Alongside MPs Anthony Housefather, Marco Mendicino, Ya'ara Saks, Julie Dabrusin, Anna Gainey, Ben Carr, and Tako van Popta and amidst the ongoing anti-Israel protests across the country, Nati and Claire took a strong stand against antisemitism on their campuses. 

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Conservatives Call for Action

In response to the Federal Court’s ruling that the Trudeau government’s use of the Emergencies Act in 2022 was illegal and unconstitutional, members of the Conservative party on the Justice Committee have called for immediate action. 

“The court ruling officially confirms that, by employing the Emergencies Act, the Trudeau government broke the law and treated the rights and freedoms of Canadians as expendable,” the Conservative MPs wrote.

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MP Van Popta endorses students' call for more recycle-friendly trash bins

Langley-Aldergrove MP Tako van Popta has endorsed a campaign by Grade 7 students at Fort Langley Elementary to eliminate single-waste garbage cans in favour of multiple-source collection bins that allow sorting and encourage recycling at all federal parks and buildings in Canada.

“This is a great initiative and highlights the work that needs to be done on all levels of government to improve waste management in our parks,” Van Popta commented, following a meeting with the students in late May.

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New Canadians take the oath at historic Fort Langley

"Forty new Canadians from 16 countries were sworn in on Canada Day at historic Fort Langley.

Then, they were greeted, one by one, by Langley Township Mayor Eric Woodward and Langley-Aldergrove MP Tako van Popta."

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MP Tako van Popta Hosts Tree Seedling Giveaway

In keeping a tradition alive that was started decades ago by the late MP Mark Warawa, the current Langley-Aldergrove MP was out Saturday, June 3 giving away plants.

Specifically, Tako van Popta was giving away seedling or starter native to the region, a project he takes on each spring, in conjunction with the Langley Environmental Partners Society (LEPS).

“This yearly event is a great way to restore beauty and forestation to the earth one yard at a time, and also gives me a welcome opportunity to connect with my constituents,” he said.

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MP Tako van Popta Hosts Forum on MAiD & Mental Illness

“Despite mounting outcry from mental health experts, the federal government is planning to expand medical assistance in dying (MAiD) to vulnerable Canadians whose sole underlying condition is a mental illness,” criticized van Popta.

“There is lots of work to be done to protect the vulnerable in our society and provide the suffering with hope for a better tomorrow, and the support needed to live through today. These two men are at the forefront of that cause and I thank them for their advocacy,” concluded the local MP.

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MP van Popta to host annual Tree Seedling Giveaway



How Do We Tackle the Housing Crisis?

"The housing supply-and-demand balance has been under significant strain for years, but recently this issue has grown exponentially. Just last year, the CMHC reported that the Liberal government will fall short of its 2030 deadline to address the housing crisis by over 2 million units.

Last year also saw a new record for Canada’s population growth, as one million new permanent and temporary residents were welcomed in."

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